LegDaddy legs incorporate timeless designs for sofas, chairs, couches, cabinets or other pieces of furniture. Go ahead and freshen up your sofa without reupholstering it or breaking your budget. Save money, save the environment, click here

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Enjoy your Sofa or Couch

Leg Daddy Sofa Legs can help rehabilitate your furniture or replace broken or missing couch legs.

No need to wait, the fix is inexpensive and easier than you think. Simple, universal designs are made for easy installation and built to withstand the pressure of everyday living.

Leg Daddy bed frame legs

A wide assortment of replacement bed frame glides, bed frame feet or legs to replace lost or broken ones or to go to solid surfaces. Hotel customers, please call 1-800-823-4233 for larger quantities. Click here.


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Leg Daddy Bed Glides or bed frame feet are an economical and dependable solution for home, hospital and institutional bed frame needs. These bed glides offer both durability and high quality design and are available in a variety of models for varying applications.

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Love Your Sofa Again--  Wood sofa, couch, chair legs or feet can get really worn, scratched, lost, damaged and dated. An inexpensive leg or foot replacement can easily update and revitalize your entire room. If for no other reason- go ahead and freshen up your couch, sofa or chair without re-upholstering it or breaking your budget. Leg Daddy™ brand is the ideal replacement for lost, damaged or old legs and sofa feet. Click here

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