LegDaddy legs incorporate timeless designs for sofas, chairs, couches, cabinets or other pieces of furniture. Go ahead and freshen up your sofa without reupholstering it or breaking your budget. Save money, save the environment, click here

Don't add your sofa to the landfill, fix it up with LegDaddy sofa legs.                                 Steven Love - Fotolia.com

Sometimes a simple LegDaddy sofa leg replacement can keep another sofa out of a landfill and save fuel.

  • Average sofa or couch can take up to 63 cubic feet of landfill space.
  • Average sofa or couch decomposes very slowly and adds approximately 7,000 pounds of Greenhouse Gases to the atmosphere.
  • New sofas are mostly cheap imports, using cheap and dangerous procedures or components. In many instances, lead-based dyes are used on fabrics.
  • No need to sofa shop will save gallons of fuel, thus helping America lessen its dependence on foreign oil.

Help the environment, repair your stuff, don't replace it. Get some LegDaddy for your sofa, couch or chair.


How to help save the planet

Repair, Recycle, Re-use, Re-invent additional uses for household products; you can help conserve energy and natural resources, reduce pollution and the need for landfills.

  1. Most items can be repaired.
  2. Donate your unwanted furniture.
  3. Repair your sofa- replace sofa legs and re-stuff your cushions.
  4. Add some new vibrant, contrasting throw pillows to your sofa. 

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