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Sofa legs with hanger bolts screw easily into the base of the Sofa, Chair, Couch or Divan.Sofa Leg with hanger bolt shown, click here for more

Hanger Bolt Sofa Legs

Sofa legs commonly come with hanger bolts that stick out of the leg.  Hanger bolts typically protrude approximately 1¼" to 1½" and the 5/16" diameter is the most common in the United States.    

The hanger bolt screws into the base of a sofa, couch, chair or divan. Some type of T-nut is affixed to the base which accepts the hanger bolt.   A T-nut is a type of locknut used to fasten a sofa leg. It has a long, thin body and a flange at one end, resembling a T in profile. The flange has spikes that sink into a wooden base of the couch, preventing the nut from turning.

Sofa Leg tee-nut, click here to see all sofa legs with hanger bolt attachment.To replace a missing or damaged T-nut, re-insert into previous hole or drill a hole and hammer it in place over the hole so that the threaded part is inside the hole. Should the t-nut hole be damaged or got larger over the years and no longer holds the t-nut in place, you may want to consider the T-Plate.

T-Plate sofa leg attachment plates are designed as an alternate method of attaching hanger-bolt style sofa legs. They are placed over the  worn-out t-nut hole, screwed into the frame sofa frame and the leg can then be screwed into the plate. See pictures on the left. Sold in sets of 4 so you can replace t-nuts in pairs to keep the sofa square.

If your sofa leg came off and the hanger bolt is still in the sofa or chair, you'll need to remove it to replace the sofa leg. Hanger bolts are attached to the leg, not to the sofa.

The typical t-nut and hanger bolt is 18 threads x 5/16" diameter. If you have something different or measures approximately ⅜" it is probably a 10mm metric size. No worries, we have metric sizes.

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Sofa Leg

Hanger Bolt Models


Square Sofa Leg with hanger bolts

Square Sofa Leg

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Round Sofa Legs

Round Sofa Leg

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Elegant tapered pyramid wood sofa legs, click here

7" Tapered Wood Sofa Legs

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Wood Sofa Legs, click here

Wood Sofa Legs

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