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Imported Sofas, Chairs, Couches or Divans may use metric Sofa Legs. You'll know its metric if the hanger bolt diameter measures about " or less.

Metric Sofa Legs

Sofa legs are also available with metric hang bolts because of the increased global trade.  You can tell if you have these if the hanger bolt measures about ⅜" or less.   

These legs easily screw into the base of a sofa, couch, chair or divan. Ideal if original type sofa legs can no longer be used because of severe damage.  

Metric screw threads are most common worldwide and now important here in the United States because of the massive furniture imports. The metric screw thread is designated by the letter M followed by the value of the nominal diameter, like M8 or M10.

Sofa Leg

Metric Size Models


Hour Glass w/metric

hanger bolt, click here



Euro-Deco w/metric

hanger bolt, click here



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