LegDaddy legs incorporate timeless designs for sofas, chairs, couches, cabinets or other pieces of furniture. Go ahead and freshen up your sofa without reupholstering it or breaking your budget. Save money, save the environment, click here


Sofa legs also come pre-drilled to screw easily into the base of the Sofa, Chair, Couch or Divan with long screws provided.

Screw Mounted Sofa Legs

All wood square sofa leg with pre-drilled holes for screws. Click hereSofa legs are also available pre-drilled for wood screws.  Easy to tell if you have these since you can see the holes for the screws on the bottom.    

These legs easily screw into the base of a sofa, couch, chair or divan. Ideal if original type sofa legs can no longer be used because of severe damage.  

Installing screw-mounted sofa legs are easy with the supplied screws and easier if you are using a portable screw gun. Just a matter of turning over the sofa (do not do that alone) removing the old legs and screwing in the new legs. And keep in mind that you may want taller legs if moving from a hard floor to a carpeted one. Not sure? Just ask the LegDaddy.

Sofa Leg

Screw-Mount Models


Triangular screw mounted sofa legs, click here

Square Sofa Leg

w/hanger bolt, click here



Simple screw mounted sofa legs, click here

Deco Round Sofa Leg, click here



Walnut Triangular Wood

Sofa Legs, click here



Love Your Sofa Again--  Wood sofa, couch, chair legs or feet can get really worn, scratched, lost, damaged and dated. An inexpensive leg or foot replacement can easily update and revitalize your entire room. If for no other reason- go ahead and freshen up your couch, sofa or chair without re-upholstering it or breaking your budget. Leg Daddy™ brand is the ideal replacement for lost, damaged or old legs and sofa feet. Click here